Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back In The Game

After two weeks of slacking off this week I got back in the game. I worked out 5 days this past week and boy did it feel good. In my last post I had mentioned I'd do one last week of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred Level 3 before proceeding to Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30. However, I decided to go back to the roots and do the 30 Day Shred Level 1 and boy oh boy was it intense. I remember when I first got the DVD and could hardly do any of the moves in Level 1. But now am able to do each last one of them. I was in soreness galore all week but am proud at how far I've come :)

My Ripped in 30 DVD arrived in the mail this weekend and I will have a go at it this coming week. I'm excited at how much stronger I feel from doing the 30 Day Shred and I hope this continues with Ripped in 30.

My eating has been pretty good as well. Chugging my water like nobody's business, eating lotsa veggies and fruits and lean meats (fish & chicken). 

I'm a Scorpio baby and my birthday will be at the end of this week. I plan on saying goodbye to this year and hello to the new year by keeping up my healthy eating/drinking habits and workouts. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a great week ahead to all of you!!!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Places I have Been

Last two weeks I slacked off. I went from averaging working out 5-6 days a week to a mere 2x a week if at all. I'd like to blame it on impromptu company that I had in town. But still I know I could have done better. So why beat myself up over spilled milk? considering I played tour guide to my company meaning we did a lot of running around in Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, DTLA and at a winery. However, we literally ate out everyday and I indulged in some yummy delicacies and harbor no regrets. I still drunk copious amounts of water and ate lots of fresh fruit.

This week I plan on alternating between runs/power walks and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 3. I just ordered Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. It comes with a meal plan which I plan on following for maximum results.

To anyone in the East Coast I have had you in my thoughts and prayers for safety from #HurricaneSandy.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hydrating in the Fall

Does anyone else find it a tad harder to hydrate during the Fall/Winter? well I do. I guess its the cold weather and the lack of sweating as compared to the Summer/Spring. The more I hydrate in the Fall/Winter the more am constantly glued to the porcelain queen, constantly peeing. Also,  cold weather makes me long for something hot and cozy so I succumb to endless cuppa teas. Still I manage to get my water down but not without a struggle that's for sure.

I've been working out at least 4x-5x a week lately and am so proud of myself. I'm still doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Level 3 and getting that much better at all the circuits. I actually look forward to my workout sessions.

The S.O. and I have eaten out a few times lately but I have made healthy choices like brown rice over white and substituted fries for mixed vegetables/fruit. My aim is to make lifetime changes. I don't want instant gratification. I'm striving to make changes that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. I know it won't be easy but I can only do my best one day at a time. And I'm content with that :)

This week I'm hoping to incorporate more hiking into my workout regimen. Now that I'm done with the 30 Day Shred I read some reviews on Amazon and I think I'll do Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 next.

I'm still doing fruit bowls for dinner and my big meal is Lunch mostly fish, veggiez and a carb of my choice. My bloating has remarkably declined. Phew. And of course the infamous unloaded oatmeal for breakfast or a bowl of cereal.

Finally, thank goodness its been cool in SoCal this week. I'm talking mid to high 70s and at night it even drops to high 50s/low 60s. I had to pull my winter blanket out of the linen closet. Pure bliss. I even rocked my military boots last night HAHA I'm such a Fall junkie. 

'Til next time my lovelies!!!

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Fall Hike

Greetings from Socal,  hoping everyone had a lovely week and ya'll are having a great weekend :)

I had a good week. I did the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Level 3 everyday but decided to break the monotony on Friday by going on a hike. SoCal is finally starting to cool down, thank goodness, the heat was starting to get old pretty fast. I woke up bright and early and hit my fave trail. It's 2 1/4 miles one way totaling 4.5 miles in an hour. And the trail ends at a beautiful waterfall which is a plus. It was very refreshing and rejuvenating to be outdoors hiking after mostly indoor workouts all summer long. I'm looking forward to more frequent hikes as Fall fully kicks in!!!

I've been super bloated lately and so has the S.O. So I switched things up a little this week, for breakfast I had my unloaded oatmeal version with almond vanilla milk and brown sugar. Lunch, was my biggest meal of the day which consisted of Tilapia and steamed cabbage over a bed of white basmati rice. For dinner I opted to do a big bowl of fruit salad consisting of green grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, pineapple and avocado. I found the fruit to be very light (as the last meal of the day) yet very filling. It also doubled as dessert :) I think I will continue to do the fruit bowl for dinner this coming week until we can figure out this whole bloating business.

I'm thrilled to report my water chugging has remarkably improved. All I catch myself drinking is water and more water. And of course my cuppa teas :) I'm totally English ya'll HAHA

This week's achievement? I can NOW do a push up!!! Very exciting news for me. Rewarding baby steps is all its about :)

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Update

TGIF, I hope everyone had a lovely week. Yay to Friday!!!

My week was good, super hot and humid in SoCal. Where is Fall already? I'm kinda starting to get impatient here what with my boots and blazers all lined up and ready to go haha

All week I've done Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Level 3. Its been kinda brutal BUT in a nice BRING IT ON way. In Level 3 you even do jumping jacks with your dumbbells in tow. I'm loving this. My arms!?!not so much. But I see muscle coming in and cellulite doing the disappearing act and nothing could make this girl happier :) Every morning I wake up am sore in places I didn't know existed let alone could get so sore. Good stuff. 

This weekend I plan on taking it easy by doing a power walk/jog.

Food-wise? I did a lot of veggiez, fruits and seafood. I kinda cut back on the carbs this week because I have been awfully bloated lately. I haven't changed my diet so I have no clue what's bringing it on. What's you home remedy for bloating???

I'm glad to report I've been chugging more and more water. No soda. But an occasional glass of Cranberry juice. And of course given that I'm a friggin wino, a glass of red with dinner is a given.

I hope ya'll have a beautiful weekend. The boy and I have plans lined up all weekend, hopefully they all pan out. Either way just the two of us together is plenty of fun :)

On that note am off to the local farmer's market to see what I can score!!!

P.S. I hope you enjoy my new blog look. Some links still don't work but they should over time. I've been working on it all week.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

No one Said It'd Be Easy

I know I haven't been doing blog posts as often as I have in the past. But please let that not be a reflection of how I am doing on working to be healthier and fit. I'm not slacking off on my workouts. I've just been busy doing a lot of nothing to be honest. What's even more embarrassing? remember that lil out of town trip I took? for a family wedding. Yes, that one. I had my suitcase sitting in a corner in my bedroom unpacked for over a week. I finally got to it on Sunday and only because it was laundry day. So see what I mean? you must pardon me. Now if I could only get to unpacking my accessories from those jewelry bags. Nothing worse than trying to untangle a necklace *facepalm*

Anyway, I digress. I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Level 2 all of last week. And I gotta say is it doesn't get better with time. At least not for me. I mean of course I feel stronger and I already see some muscle coming in :) but it still kicks me BUTT IN!!! And I love it but holy molly did I struggle last week? I wasn't falling behind or anything but EVERY single day last week felt like I had NEVER done it before. But I pushed myself. And am so grateful I didn't sit it out, that I kept going despite all that.

I'm doing a tad better at chugging my water. I've been eating tons of fresh sea food (mostly Tilapia & Salmon) with steamed veggiez on a bed of Basmati rice or any other carb of my liking. Not to forget the scrumptious side of Avocado :)

Breakfast-wise I've been eating an unloaded Oatmeal version with just a tsp of brown sugar and Almond vanilla milk which is absofrigginlutely omnomnomnom

And since its Mango and Pineapple season I have been eating at least a mango a day if not two.

How have your days been lately? what are you eating more of? and what are you cutting back on? what about your work outs?

I'm thrilled starting tomorrow I move on to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 3. Pray me luck!!!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Falling off the face of earth

So I haven't written for a week nor read your blogs. But am back and will be doing my blog rounds. I had a crazy week last week getting ready for a family wedding out of town. Packing drives me absolutely nuts. The planning of the outfits and the getting everything to fit in the damn suitcase. Ugh just kill me already. Especially because as soon as I touched down I had to meet one of my besties for breakfast then proceed to run wedding errands with the fam bam. So not only did I need to ensure my travel outfit was cute and comfy but most importantly warm for the flight. I go for comfort when travelling. Airplane a/c does not quite agree with me so I gotta bring at least two scarves and a jacket/coat to layer up once I board for comfort. But this time I also needed to be able to pull off the outfit the next morning haha. So much pressure, right?

Anyway, I had a really fun trip. I didn't workout much given been gone most of last week but my eating/drinking was in check. I did oatmeal for all breakfasts, indulged in some delish thai style pizza, tilapia (you know I had to throw it in there) and lots of yummy avocado. I could eat avocado with anything mmmmhhhh. Don't you just love that its in season? I had a venti chai tea latte with two extra pumps just because the whole morning shenanigans am so not cut out for. 

This week its back to business. I think I will do like 3 more days of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2 then move up to Level 3. I try to do at least10 days of each level before moving on to the next!!! 

On a not so sunny note, the summer hustle and bustle is finally starting to die off and I cannot for the life of me wait to start hiking again!!! I also cannot wait to burst out my fall boots and scarves. I'm such a fall junkie. I need to do a whole post on just that :)

I'm still thrilled that I can now FINALLY do sit ups!!! Such a huuuuge milestone for me :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that ya'll have a great week.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Stronger..Stand a lil taller..Footsteps even lighter..

You guyz I can finally do a sit-up!!!! I know some of you are thinking why make such a fuss of it, right!?! I naturally have a big bosom of 40DDD-40F which for me has made sit ups almost impossible until this week. I'm thrilled. Its surreal. I'm on cloud nine and in Jillian Michaels' heaven all wrapped up in one. I'm elated and so so proud of myself. 

Earlier on this week when I realized I could actually do a sit up I simply couldn't believe it. Until, I woke up the next morning unable to laugh because my stomach area was so sore. WooHOO!!! And boy was I happy. So all week I have been doing sit ups just for the heck of it. Just because I can *insert a coy smile here* And guess what? I'm still a 40DDD/40F which means am just stronger now. Which is the result of pushing myself and refusing to succumb to the inability to do something. Refusing to let negativity make me lose sight of the bigger picture. Which in my case, for me, is getting stronger and becoming more fit everyday.

This truly motivates me. It makes me want to keep at it. It reminds me what am fully capable of. I'm a whole lot of woman that's for sure. Lately, I catch myself moving things around to accommodate my workout. For example, I like to workout at around 8pm and today I had to meet a friend at 630pm and I knew I would be out later than 8pm. So instead of cancelling my workout I chose to workout at 5pm and get it out of the way instead of risking not getting it done at all if I stayed out late. I like that becoming more fit is becoming such a priority in  my life that I'd rather not miss it and I'm striving to keep it that way.

Today marked day 4 of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred Level 2. Yay!!!

I hope e'rybody had a great week and ya'll have an amazing weekend.

Currently listening to (on heavy rotation): Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is It Fall Already!?!

Well, after not working out as much as I do last week, I resumed my workout yesterday. Oh thank goodness because I was almost going out of my mind for a minute there. I jump started myself back into things with Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred level 2. And oh boy. It may be only a mere 20 minutes but its pure insanity and hardcore. I literally sweat dollops...dollops people no exaggeration here. I get revved up that much.

I gotta say though after two weeks of running and power walks with my 10lb dumbbells in tow I was well prepared for level 2. I could tell I wasn't so easily tired as I was in Level 1. And I liked it. I'm getting stronger with each workout and am so proud of myself. I truly look forward to my workout sessions everyday. 

I believe the alternating power walks, runs and 30 days shred also break the monotony for me and keep me motivated. I cannot wait for Fall to really kick in so I can go back to hiking. I surely cannot hike in this California heat. It's 2230hrs as I type this and its still in the high 70s degrees. I just need it to cool down some already.

My nasal congestion is acting up from all the a/c :( Yet I cannot survive the heat without a/c so I have it set at 70 degrees all day and night. So despite today being 101 degrees I was chugging cuppa teas to soothe my sinuses. Loudest ICK heard 'round the world I tell ya.

My diet this week has mostly been mixed veggiez, a side of basmati steamed rice with either Tilapia or Salmon and water or Gatorade. And a single cocktail/glass of red most nights because it is summer after all. Although, earlier on this week and last weekend I over indulged in Ben & Jerry's Americone. That stuff is so delish. I couldn't keep it in the house because I could easily inhale a whole tub in one sitting. Once in a while though I do allow myself to over indulge so its a-okay!!!

I'm proud to report my water chugging is slowly increasing. I'm nursing a mild headache tonight and I know its from heat dehydration despite all the water and tea. Is it Fall yet? ready to break out my boots and scarves. I know, you ask, what winter in SoCal? haha

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bleh week

Need I say more or is this post's title self-explanatory? 

This past week has just been bleh and then some. I've had a myriad of doctor's appointments. Literally, Monday through Friday I was driving helter-skelter across town racing from one doctor's office to the next or anxiously awaiting a procedure. Let me just say this, as an ER nurse I work my little behind off to save lives and do patient advocacy but being on the receiving end, as a patient is a completely different ball game all together. Anyway I digress for lack of strength to divulge or go into further details at this point. But ya'll send me happy thoughts, positive vibes and prayers.

Last Sunday I took a break and did not workout. On Monday, the boy and I went for a quick 2.2 mile power walk. On Tue I did a 1 mile walk in the blazing Cali heat. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday due to aforementioned reasons I did not workout. On Saturday I took it easy because I was status post a major procedure done on Friday. This morning I woke up and all I wanted was a street-side cafe breakfast with lotsa coffee, yummy breakfast entrees, sunshine and laughter so I dragged the boy out of bed to which he obliged. Quick shower, ditched the car and walked down to the village's breakfast cafe and had a sumptuous breakfast :) The walk was so refreshing yet just a tad bit much on me. But all the same enjoyable and somewhat liberating. I soaked in the sunshine and fresh air and loved it.

On a lighter note, I have been eating lotsa yummy fresh and healthy food this last two weeks. I'm the biggest seafood lover and I have been alternating between yummy Salmon and Tilapia. My tummy is much much smaller which probably means I have been bloated this whole time and didn't even realize it until now. Yay to small changes making a huge difference!!! I'm definitely not chugging as much water as I should AND am working on it BUT I'm also not drinking any soda/concentrated/carbonated drinks. Win-lose I know.

I'm hoping to make a quick recovery and be able to pound the trails BUTT IN by mid-week.

I hope everyone had a good week and an even better weekend :) Wishing ya'll a lovely week. 

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

On Lapping Couch Potatoes

On Friday I didn't workout I decided to take a break after three consecutive days of power walks/runs with my 10lb dumbbells. However, I went to my local farmer's market and did some 30 minute walking around shopping different vendors. I always look forward to Friday because of all the fresh healthy steals I score at my local farmer's market. Last night I was in the mood for some ribs and coleslaw and they have a roadhouse truck that makes the best of both at the farmer's mkt. I stopped by and got us some grub for dinner. We enjoyed the yummy ribs. I could only eat one with a side of rice, coleslaw and a little tri tip but boy was it delish.

Today was our lazy day. We did some essentials shopping and then came back home to escape the heat. Plus the boy had some assignments to get done. I caught up on all my TIVO'd shows and just lazed around. At about 8pm I could tell something was missing. I was getting a little fidgety and I couldn't place my finger on it until I realized that was around the time I usually would go to the gym or out for a run/power walk. This was so motivating coming to the realization my body was telling me something was amiss. I go into my workout clothes, grabbed my dumbbells, the boy joined me and we went for a quick brisk 1.5 mile walk. Not much but you know what ? for every step, every mile, everyday means I'm still lapping everybody on the couch :) and I'm a step closer to a healthier and more fit me. Nothing could excite and motivate me more.

Which brings me to a total of 10.7 miles of runs/power walks on four days of working out this week. Yay!!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

On A Roll

The summer heat is still ablazin in my neck of the woods hence my lack of blogging. I'm spending so much time trying to stay cool that the thought of incurring excess heat, despite a laptop fan, is beyond me. The only thing I look forward to is my workout at the end of each day. 

Last week on Wednesday I went for a 2.5 mile run with my 10 dumbbells in tow. My arms are getting so much stronger I love it!!! On Thursday/Friday/Saturday the boy and I had a myriad of chaotic errands to run. On Sunday  my girlfriends and I had to make a quick five hour outta town drive to be with our girl who recently lost a loved one. On Monday I was too beat from all the shenanigans to think about a workout let alone summon the strength to get into my workout clothes. 

However, on Tuesday I went for my 2.5 run/powerwalk with my dumbbells. I'm truly loving the extra kick I get from the dumbbells during my workouts. On Wednesday I decided to go on one of favorite running trails that I hadn't frequented in a whiile. I left a little earlier than I would, again my dumbbells in tow. I'm not gonna put those lil suckers down for what its worth. This trail is a good 3.55miles which I did in 50 minutes. Tonight, I went back to the same trail and did the 3.55 miles again. I'm on a roll and I love it. I think I need to UP my water chugging though because I get this dry patch at the back of my throat when am working out. Today was better because I  drunk some water on my drive to the trail and a little more before I started. Its a little hard to drink as I workout because my hands are taken up by my dumbbells. So I'm doing my best to hydrate a lot during the day, pre-workout and post-workout.

Sorry I haven't read all of your lovely blogs in a while. I will be making my rounds starting tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a lovely week.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sod OFF DP!!!

In case you haven't a clue DP stands for Dorothy Perkins a UK based plus size store which U.S. shoppers have shopping access to via the internet. The first time I checked them out I was blown away. Quality apparel for great prices. What's not to like, huh!?! So I went ahead and scoped out their size chart and determined I was a size 16UK which is equivalent to 12US. I yo yo between a size 12 to 14. So I ordered a dress I needed for an all white party. Very cute ivory/champagne dress. Due to time constraints I opted for the express delivery which guaranteed delivery within 4 days tops and cost me a whooping $30 extra but what the heck I really liked the dress. 

My dilemma started when after 5 business days there was still no parcel at my doorstep. What made it worse was that I decided to read up reviews online (read; Google & FB) and almost all the reviews were horrendous. A LOT of people complaining that they had been waiting up to a month if not longer for their packages. To say the very least the reviews made DP sound like a downright sham. Suffice it to say I started fretting that I wouldn't receive my order on time if at all I received it and what a waste of moola that would be. I called their CS who offered very little help after waiting forever to get through to them. I decided to take a chill pill, after all, it was only a dress that was replaceable. I was just gonna learn my lesson and not order anything from them. Their loss not mine. What do you know the day before the white coat party my parcel arrives. The dress turned out to be a little tight in the tatas area (what else is new?) so I took it in to the best alteration shop and they fixed that problem and I was good to go the next day.

I really liked the quality of the dress and since I had another event coming up I decided this time I'd order way ahead of time and give them time to their late delivery shenanigans. Again I paid $30 for express delivery, you know just to be certain it'd really get here on time. Of course they were running behind. I got the dress today and the straw that broke this camel's back??? they sent me a size 22UK which is equivalent to a size 18US which makes that four sizes bigger. REALLY? I'm completely done with their service. I will never again order from them. I will not even return the items (I will gift them to a friend) or better still do a giveaway on this blog :) Anyway, I digress and you must truly pardon me for the rant.

On a lighter note, I worked out on Sunday did a kick ass stairs workout for 45 minutes. On Monday I went on a short uphill walk. Yesterday, I took a break. Today I went on another uphill power walk totaling 2.4 miles in 39 minutes all the while holding my 10lb dumbbells (5lbs in each hand). The boy suggested this to me and I gotta say I loooove it. I chugged water like it was going outta style today because it was in  the100s degree Fahrenheit in my neck of the woods. 

Have any of you shopped with DP and what are ye thoughts?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Especially because its already hump day meaning Friday is hastily beckoning. Yay!!!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Good As New

After this, my right ankle is much better now and so is my scrapped knee. I just hate how the scrapped knee looks because its summer and I like to wear my cute short summer dresses. But with the ugly scrap I just wanna cover up lol. I have been cleaning it well and putting some shea butter on it and its healing pretty fast. I guess I'll be sticking to my maxi dresses this weekend.

I went out on a run on Thursday night. I had just finished doing some spring cleaning and my heart rate was all revved up so on my way to take out the trash I decided a run was a good idea. I threw on my workout clothes and headed out. I did a total of 2.4 miles and it was mostly up hill. It felt so good. I was a little scared of running for fear of falling on my already scrapped knee but it did not happen. Phew. Thank goodness. I mean who can take all that falling trauma? me I'd be scared for life lol

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. What plans do you have?The boy and I will be trying out a new restaurant that we saw on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. We're so addicted to that show!!!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Down But Not Out

Yesterday despite the sweltering SoCal summer heat I decided to go hiking and the boy was kind enough to accompany me. We set out to hike on one of my favorite local trails. I really like this trail because its not only 1.75miles (one way) of hiking through the most serene nature complete with little water streams but also at the end of the trail is a little divine waterfall. 

This trail also has a lot of trees which made it cool for a summer hike. The trail steeps out on you and you can really feel your inner thighs begging for mercy. But why else would we workout if we didn't feel the impact? Before yesterday I hadn't hiked for about a month so I could really feel it. I stopped a few times on our way up. When we got to the waterfall we could tell the summer heat had dried it some but the water was so cool to touch. And did I mention what a positive and peaceful vibe one gets sitting by the waterfall? 

We sat by the waterfall for a few minutes before we started our hike back down the trail. I always like to run back down and yesterday was no exception. I must have been high on endorphins because I forgot about the trail's loose gravel terrain I slid and sort of strained my right ankle and badly scrapped my left knee. Quite the double whammy I tell ya :(  But that did not stop me as soon as the boy was done cleaning and kissing my boo boo we were on our way. I hopped and ran and walked and jogged but never once stopped until we got back to the car. We iced my ankle when we got home and today I took a break from working out to give it sometime to recuperate. It already feels better and hopefully by the end of the week I will be doing my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred or back to running or even a walk at the very least.

How do ya'll deal with injuries?

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The soreness of my dear calves

So I'm still pushing myself as far as Jillian Michaels 30 day shred goes. I strive to do it at least 3x a week if not everyday. And I'm getting better because when I first started I had to stop a few times mid workout. And not just for the recommended 5 seconds naaah more like 45 seconds here and there. So now that I hardly stop anymore and applaud myself for getting better I wake up one morning and my calves were so sore I had a hard time walking right. 

I decided to still do it that night and I was struggling through it but I finished it. I thought may be if I kept doing it the soreness would subside but what do you know it actually got worse. The next morning I had to brace myself to actually get out of bed. I decided to look up calf stretches online and found some pretty good ones. I did the calf stretches and felt much better but I was still sore.

I really like doing the Jillian Michaels workout dvd because I truly feel the impact in all the right places. My main goals are to tone up my stomach area and arms which equals upper body strength for me. And when I do this workout it really impacts the aforementioned areas. So what to do, right!?! I decided starting this week I will alternate between the DVD workout and evening runs. Tonight I went out on a run with the boy. It was so refreshing and guess what? my calves don't feel sore at all. So I figure my idea to alternate can't be too bad.

I will keep you posted. Do your calves ever get overly sore? if yes, what stretches work for you? Please do share. Thank you much.

A good week to all

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Me a Versatile blogger!?! really? naaaay 

OK seriously I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award by the lovely Trice of High Heels & Good Meals. I recently started reading her blog and I love love her. I couldn't think of a better person to get the award but her. I don't know if I am allowed to break the rules and re-award her? Thank you much for the award, Trice. 

The rules are as follows;

* Nominate 10 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
* Let them know you have nominated them
* Share 7 random facts about yourself
* Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
* Add the versatile blogger award to your post

Seven Random Facts About Moi
  • I am the only nurse I know who doesn't care much for coffee. I'm a tea girl through and through. I can have up to 10 cuppa teas on any given day. The weird thing is growing up my grandparents had hundreds of acres of coffee plantations which means I started drinking coffee younger than most people. I still enjoy a cup of coffee occasionally
  • I can live on a bowl of cereal. I like my cereal cold with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. Which means I put my bag of cereal in the freezer for that extra chill and crunchiness
  • When I sleep one of my legs has to be dangling off the bed and be completely uncovered otherwise I will not fall asleep
  • I believe I am absolutely nothing without God
  • My friends think I say thank you way too much
  • I'm a wino. I especially love red wines. 
  • I'm a self-declared shopaholic. I might not shop often but when I do then I really do and enjoy it

My 10 nominees are;
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pushing Myself

I haven't posted since last week although everyday I mean to other things just kinda overtake me.

So what's new in my neck of the woods? I started doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred all over again so am back to Level 1 and am ok with it. The first night it kicked my little non-existent  butt to oblivion. I just wanted to cry from sheer frustration. I wanted to throw in the towel and say forget it. But how did I get here in the first place? first things first, right? sometimes we all need a tough love reality check. I got so out of shape because I stopped working out and now that I'm back at it I can only keep pushing myself or just completely let myself go. And the latter is not an option. So I pushed myself on day 1 of the 30 day shred until it was over.  And after Day 1 its no longer that bad. And I love it.

You wanna know something? I can't do a push up. There I said it!!! I like to blame my tatas they are 40DDD's and I feel like they pull me down. But really even though that might be a factor the biggest issue is lack of upper body strength. I also cannot do a sit up. Again the boobs because I feel like its too much weight to lift. But you know what know though a novice at both I am doing horrible push ups and sit ups and feeling the effect. I gotta start somewhere. So I will keep pushing and pushing and noone can stop me unless I do it myself. All the obstacles we face along this journey to make healthy choices and lead a healthier lifestyle we create ourselves. Noone can get in our way but ourselves. So we have to make the decision to push ourselves no matter what.

I also have cut back on my carb intake. I'm striving to eat more veggiez and fruits and chug water. I'm learning the more colorful my plate is the healthier I eat. If I have more cabbage or mixed vegetables than anything else then am eating healthier. Baby steps :) 

Good week to everybody

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

If you're what you say you are... a SUPERSTAR!!!

We are all our own superstars. And if we truly believe we are that then we are. Therefore we have to act like it in the face of weakness and/or strength. 

So on Wednesday I went to the gym again. This time it wasn't as packed at it was on Monday . I walked in and headed straight for the treadmill for a 15min warm up. It wasn't as bad this time I pushed myself to go as fast as I could without stopping. Of course I was sweating buckets but I didn't give two rat's asses because I believe I go to the gym to challenge myself to a healthier and more fit me. I go to push myself to better and greater heights. I go to get my heart rate revved up and break a sweat. So if breaking a sweat means sweating a bucket then bring it!!! After all sweat is fat leaving the body, right?

I moved from the treadmill to stretches including use of foam rollers, followed by doing three sets of 10 leg presses, then I did the bicep curl exercise for another 3 sets of 10. This was a tad     interesting by my second set I could feel it in my arms so I took a 10 second break and proceeded to the third set and by then I realllly could feel it. It goes to show my upper body strength is crap but that's exactly why am doing this. I cannot wait to build upper body strength and tone up my arms. I followed this by getting on the stair stepper and what a lovely form of exercise this is. I'm not even kidding you I was sweating beads for the ten minutes I was on it. After this I moved onto cycling which by the way was my first time ever. I input my age and weight and my target heart rate was 154. I pushed myself so hard on this but since it was my first time my tennies kept hitting the side of the bike and I'd slide off the pedals and get a good smack in my shins. Ouch. Plus I wouldn't resume the workout fast enough so I'd have to start over each time. This became a little frustrating by minute 10 when my heart rate was at 148 and I slid off again. I finished up by doing an additional 15minutes on the treadmill followed by some stretches before calling it a night.

I'm working on chugging more water. I don't really drink soda I mostly drink cranberry juice but I like a glass of red every now and then. I'm also carefully watching what goes in my mouth. The other day the boy wanted In-N-Out Burger so I opted for the protein style burger and skipped the bun. Its all in the small changes. I'm also doing brown rice instead of white. I made some pretty kick ass coconut brown rice last week.

I hope ya'll had a lovely weekend and that your week is off to an awesome start!!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stuck In Reverse NOT

So on Monday as planned I left the house at 840pm and drove down to the gym and was there by 845pm. When I got there I could tell from the parking it was crowded. I immediately got uneasy I mean this was only my first day at the gym by myself. What if I didn't remember how any of the equipment worked. I contemplated driving back home but scolded my thoughts and found a parking spot. I walked in and checked in and boy was it crowded. Everything I had planned on using was taken EXCEPT one treadmill in the corner. I walked to it and go on it but the whole time I kept an eye out in case any of the other equipment opened up. I did the treadmill for 15mins before anything opened up. I was sweating like a pig. Naturally, I have a very high intolerance for heat so add a workout and I'm a lost case sweating to oblivion.

Did I mention the full length wall to wall mirrors? that kind of pressure is insurmountable. Working out on the treadmill looking at myself was like a forced reality check. I love myself and know am beautiful. But the one part of my body that takes a hit when I gain weight is my face and oh boy! But I was proud of myself that I was there working the treadmill in all my chub-star glory. I remembered to do my stretches :) Nothing kicked my butt to the point of getting short of breath or heaving. I loved my revved up heart rate. It was really good. I just need to find the perfect time to go. I hate a crowded gym and having to wait around for equipment to open up or staying on the same treadmill to the point I considered leaving the gym altogether. The most amazing thing however was seeing all those people committed to the same thing, a healthy lifestyle. I was so impressed by myself for being there. I pounded that treadmill and worked the leg press and inner thigh machine/adductor. I gave it my all without any apologies to anyone.

Its Wednesday night in my neck of the woods so I will he heading to the gym shortly. I miss hiking but there is no way in the hell I can tolerate hiking in this California summer heat. Its blazing!!! I'm contemplating I should start doing the Jillian Michael's 30 days shred and/or taking evening walks/runs on the days I don't go to the gym. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm sexy and I know it

So as planned I went and met my personal trainer, Michael at the 24hr Fitness down my street last week. It was friggin epic!!! Once I got there he had me walk on the treadmill as a warm up for 5 mins then we moved to stretching followed by a bunch of weights. We worked on my legs, thighs, biceps, triceps and back. Whooosh. And wait for it..I absofrigginlutely loved it. He stopped me a few times and asked if I was sure I had never had a gym membership before and if I was certain I had never had a personal trainer. I assured him I hadn't and he was pretty impressed at how good I was and how I did everything he directed me to do with so much ease. It was very motivational hearing this from a trainer. I guess all the hiking and runs I do from time to time really do work. We worked out for a solid 55 minutes and I felt like a new person. So refreshing when those endorphins kick in I tell ya. At the end of the session he had me do the treadmill and some stretching again to wind down my body.

He emphasized on the importance of stretching and warming up to avoid injuries. I made a mental note to remember to do this. Too bad I don't  feel like I need a personal trainer at this point in time but if ever I did Michael would definitely be the guy to go with. He was such a personable trainer. We had great conversations during the whole workout which made it that much more better. He even asked to take me out for a drink lol. I'm sexy and I know it and I own it :) I politely declined the offer and informed him I was happily 'betrothed' to the boy :)

So I was talking to the boy about the best gym schedule and he told me to start out with three times a week. He advised I do a 30min run on the treadmill and alternate between 30mins of  upper or lower body workouts totaling to an hour at the gym. I think that sounds like a plan. I will start today so please pray me perseverance. My worst enemy in working out is boredom. It is the sheer death of me. I will persistently workout even for months on end only to fall off the wagon. I have tried to change it up. Change of scenery e.g. run on the beach, hike trails, street power walks/runs and now the gym. Even the Jillian Michael's 30 days shred. OK I do need divine intervention. So help me God.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Gym Membership

So I haven't written an update on here in a while. I've been under the weather nothing weight related just not feeling too hot recently. But each day is a little better because I am a fighter and losing/giving up isn't part of my vocabulary. And you know what they say you can't beat someone who doesn't give up right? so yay go me!!!

I've always been an outdoorsy kinda girl. I love to hike, take walks outside, and run the streets. But I've decided I want something different and therefore I got gym membership at the 24hr fitness down my street. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I think the only equipment I can independently use at the gym is the treadmill. Bleh. So the manager was kind enough to give me a free one time 50min session with a personal trainer who will orient me to all the equipment at the gym. So cool. As well as taylor the orientation to suit my goals which are tone up my arms, stomach and thighs and lose some weight. That I'm definitely excitoz about :)

I even went shopping for new sports bras, which is something I have been putting away for a while now. I'm a DDD so I need to at least wear two workout bras at any given time. I was also looking for workout pants but the ones I like best are from  Cult of California going for $70. Isn't that friggin nuts!?! Mind you I do have pretty new workout pants so nevermind. But I'm really eyeing the $70 ones I just don't know that I wanna spend that much on workout pants. Would you spend that much on workout pants? I even cringe at the very thought. Loudest ick heard 'round the world lol I guess that answers my question. Or I could wait until they go on sale *grins*

I hope ya'll had a great 4th of July. The boy and I did. We watched some pretty awesome firework show, bbq'd and had some cocktails/beers. Always nice to have a day off smack in the middle of the week.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Last night I needed to clear my mind and at about 1130pm I went out for a power walk which turned into an hour long run workout. It was a tad chilly outside and I was sweating like a pig. My heart rate was all revved up but it felt hella good.

I've been watching my portions closely and I feel that I'm getting better as I take it one day at a time.

Its been gloomy all week in not so sunny in supposedly Sunny SoCal. Today is an ugly day. I just wanna stay under the covers with my venti cuppa tea/hot chocolate. I cannot wait for the summer. 

Did you know the more colorful your plate is is an indicator you are eating healthidf? so I have been eating more mixed veggies and fruits and going easy on the carbs.

I noticed I hyperventilate when I'm out on a run, power walk or even just a brisk walk. So I did some research because I have been getting stitches on the sides of my torso which hurt as hell. So I'm trying to breath easy during my work outs . Do you have any tricks on the best way to do this? 

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Gloomy Monday Hike

I went on a hike/run/walk this morning. I went to the same state park as yesterday. However today I took a different trail which is what I love about this park because they are so many different beautiful trails all leading down to the beach some longer and tedious than others.

I took the longest trail. As usual I parked my car a little distance from the trail to enable me to warm up. I walked from my car to the beginning of the trail which is a good 15 minutes. Then at the beginning of the trail I ran all the way down to the beach. This trail is a good workout because it is mostly sandy and rocky, it winds, steeps and drops all at once. 

I was dripping of sweat by the time I got down to the water.  Just as the trail ends there are steps leading down to the water. I managed to take pictures with my phone. On my way back up the trail I ran into a group of kids they must have been on school field trip. I had to stand on the side and let them all pass because the trail pathway is very narrow. As they all descended to the beach I snapped a few pictures. It is a little gloomy out today as you will see from the pictures. The breeze was to die for and I am so glad I went on my run/hike this morning.

I'm sore all over but I'm not complaining :) I hope you enjoy the pictures below

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rock Your Body!!!

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend :)!

I took a break from working out on Friday and Saturday. 

However, today I was sitting home and realized it'd be the perfect time to go out for a run. So before I allowed myself to change my mind I go into my work out clothes, jumped in the car and hit the hiking trail. This trail is beautiful because it leads down to the beach. I made sure I parked my car as far as I could so I could walk a little extra. 

I started by walking then once I warmed up I ran down the trail all the way down to the beach. The trail was packed been a Sunday, a lot of people were out. But this did not stop me I run past them even if my breathing was slightly loud from the running. My earphones deep in my ears with the music blaring made it easier to ignore. I ran and ran and loved it. Sweat was dribbling down my face and down my back. My knees had started to hurt, my heart was thumping against my chest but still I ran. I ran like there was no tomorrow. As I neared the water and the breeze hit my face there was no better feeling. When the trail ended I stretched and took in the scenic view before starting back up on the trail to my car.

The trail back up is a little tough because it is steep. My stomach muscles hurt from running and I felt like I was gonna toss my guts even if my tummy was empty. My mouth was dry and I wanted to stop. But I kept pushing myself. I kept going. It feels really good when on my back up the trail I run into people I passed while running down the trail. People always smile or wave knowingly and it is so encouraging. 

On my drive back home I was craving ice cream. It took everything in me not to stop at Baskin Robbins by my house. I'm aware I can have ice cream but in moderation but since I had some yesterday there is no way I was going to have some again today. Instead I got home had a long cold shower and a big bowl of watermelon. So refreshing and delish after a long run.

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

My Arms

I went on my run last night as well. I already mentioned I live on the beach so I find the work out very refreshing because of the evening breeze. I run along the beach but on the surface street. However, there are wooden steps/stair case that leads down to the beach or water. So I started this new thing two days ago. Where when I get to the dead of the surface street I go down the steps and run up the steps five times. And tell you what? the running and down the steps kicks my little behind. My thighs literally burn like they are on fire. But I love it :)

After going up and down the steps five times I run back along the beach and then go up a slightly steep street then run back down to the beach and back up to my house. This is the fourth time I have worked out this week. I plan on working out tonight and taking it easy over the weekend.  I'm so proud of myself and I pray I can keep this up.

So today I had to run a quick errand and on my way out the door I caught my reflection in the mirror. And my arms are the one part of my body I have always had a hard time accepting. To say the very least they bug me. I have always found it difficult to wear anything sleeveless. And when I do I throw on a pashmina or bolero. I bought 5lb dumb bells to help tone my arms. When I don't run I power walk and vigorously move my arms to help tone them up. I still love my arms but there are the one part of my body I cannot wait to see get 'healthy' LOL what part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my journey.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If you don't love yourself now you won't love yourself after

Last night I went for a run on the beach. I'm striving to keep pushing myself. I love that feeling when your heart thumps against the chest wall from the adrenaline of a good work out followed by the kick I get from the endorphins.

If you do not love yourself before you won't love yourself after. I love and adore my body regardless of been overweight. I embrace myself. When I dress up or down I love how I look. When at home I'm usually nekkid. Even in front of my best person. There is nothing to hide. I only have one body and I choose to love it and be comfortable in it despite the media and society projecting otherwise. We define ourselves. Choose to love yourself even now as you make the necessary changes to lead a healthy lifestyle and become a healthy size.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

I am back

WOW I don't know where to start nor what to say. I stopped blogging but am back and will do my best to keep this going,

However, I'm proud to say I've been good with drinking my water, planning my meals and working out even if only on and off on the latter. I've seen a huge difference in planning my meals ahead as it has helped me not fall prey to impulse eating out. 

I work in the healthcare profession and everyday someone is assigned to do a food or/and a coffee run. And the problem? is the doctors are always buying. So its hard to pass up on free food. And the doctors feel bad if you pass up as its their little way of rewarding the team and saying thanks. The food runs as you'd figure are never healthy most of the time its the taco shop/Thai food place down the street or around the corner. Coffee runs yield to venti chai tea lattes with butter croissants. You get where I am going with this right? therefore this makes it super hard to not fall prey to bad habits. And of course there is always that person who stops by the donut shop by their house and brings in a box or two of assorted pastries. Not to mention the weekly pot lucks for a colleague's birthday. So as you can already tell its hard to stay on the wagon at work for me LOL

But I've learnt to have a bowl of loaded oatmeal for breakfast so my tummy is full when I get to work and its easier to turn all the temptations down. Also, when I do my grocery shopping I get a big bag of apples and have like three in my lunch bag, at least two cups of yoplait yogurt and kashi healthy bars. I brace myself with the healthy options and this goes a long way for me. If I stuff my face its going to be with three apples :) 

I'm not hiking very often or really doing any form of workout for that matter. For a while there I was really good. I even bought Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and was consistently doing it. I love the outdoors so hiking and running is what I like and try to do often.

I've been under the weather lately and that means staying indoors throwing pity parties. Which only makes it worse because who wants to throw a friggin' party and be the only one there? LOL so I decided to go out on walks/runs everyday. I live on the beach I have no excuse not to be out there. I just came back from a run and the evening breeze was literally a breath of fresh air. I could get addicted to this *fingers crossed* I'm watching my portions. I'm not self-depriving because goodness knows am a foodie but neither am I stuffing my face or inhaling food :) once in a while of course I do splurge but not too often.

I do NOT want to be SKINNY my goal is to be a size healthy. I'm naturally a curvy girl even at my smallest size my bust was still a 40DDD. I want to make lifetime changes instead of dieting to lose weight with no plan on how to keep it off only to end up re-gaining it. And I'm working on it one day at a time. I read somewhere sweat is fat crying. In that case I want to sweat my little behind to oblivion.

My biggest size is a 14 and my goal would be a size 10/12. So as I embark on this journey I am making realistic goals there are some days I will do better than other days but the point is to not give up because you can NEVER beat someone who does NOT give up.

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