Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So I've not been good with my weight loss blogging. But that is because I barely have time. I'm a lurker on all of your lovely blogs. I may not comment as much as I'd love to but I'm reading all of your posts and sharing in your journeys and more so cheering you on :)

I've been staying on top of my eating and drinking habits. I have to say even though I've not been working out as much as I'd like, making healthy eating and drinking choices counts too! I've gone down from a size 14 to a 12 and much to my surprise the size 12 jeans are starting to hang a lil loose and my 40DDD bras fit better without the pouring out at the top :) My face has also gotten a lot more clearer..hardly any break outs. Still chugging my water especially in this heat I have to and drinking my black tea that is full of antioxidants.

However, I still need to put a lot of work on my arms and stomach area. I had my best person take nekkid pictures of me the other day and I've to admit I have come a looooooong way :) and I'm so proud of myself and this motivates me even more to work harder and tone up my arms and stomach by losing the 'sway' in my arms and flattening my stomach. My thighs are way smaller and my waist is a lil smaller too to the point where I'm forced to wear my belt on the very last hole and still my pants fit lose :) progress progress progress

Now I'll not forget to pat myself on the back but I'll also not let myself get caught up in the progress and lose sight of the bigger picture. I want to see more and more changes in me as I become healthier and more fit :) I'm yet to enroll in a gym and invest in good weights. Pretty soon though. So watch this space.

All the best as you continue on your journey!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

My SECOND Award.The Versatile Award. YAY!!!

The versatile, brilliant, awesome and awesome blog buddy of mine Shan over at
The Me Within graciously awarded me the this lovely award.

According to the guidelines of the award, I'm required to;

Thank the person who gave you the award
Thank you much, Shan for awarding me this beautiful award. You are awesome!!!

Share seven things about myself
Wow I just recently shared ten things about myself here. So uhm not sure what to say now. So excuse me if this is repetitive
  • I've not gone running in a while. But this morning I plan to go running at the lake
  • Due to working nights on my off days I go to bed at about 5pm, wake up at 2am, cook dinner and have dinner at around 5am
  • Growing up we called dinner was supper
  • We had supper anywhere between 9pm to 11pm
  • Supper was always made up of plenty of veggiez (mostly steamed cabbage, collard greens and spinach)
  • Growing I never once had a meal that didn't contain of some sort of meat. It had to have meat white or red.
  • The meats I are growing up including plenty of steak/chicken (grilled over charcoal), stewed chicken/beef/fish, chicken/fish baked in the oven. Growing up I also ate wild meat e.g. crocodile etc
Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs

Off to let my lovely nominees know of they won the Versatile Award :)

Thanks again Shan!!!
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and The Sugar Doll Award winners are...

Awarding Sugar Doll Award as previously mentioned here to my ten winners below. My sincere apologies for the delay in naming you guyz. I've been living my life on the fast lane lately. Please pardon me. So here goes;

  1. Shan @themewithin
  2. The Token Fat Girl @ myallnaturalweightloss
  3. Pink Lady @ thepinkladyrambles
  4. Curvy Jones @ diaryofcurvyjones
  5. Ashley @ The Opposite of Thin
  6. Chubby Chick @ Journeying to Lose 200 Pounds
  7. Kenz @ All The Weigh
  8. Vegan Ana @ Vegan Ana
  9. Fat Girl Vs World @ I go through life in inches
  10. Lexia @ My wicked wicked ways
The above winners are such a huge inspiration to me as I journey the road to a healthy and more fit me. I might not comment enough on your blog posts because I'm naturally more of a lurker. But ya'll inspire my weight loss journey and I cannot put into words how much your words encourage and even how much more I appreciate them!!!
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