Monday, June 28, 2010

Where I stand

I've not been writing here often because the summer is here and I've been spending more time with my best person. Not to worry I've not fallen off the wagon yet. Thank goodness. I've been running more than my usual 5k. I guess the 5k did grow on me because I was breaking a sweat alright but I like that feeling when my heart thumps out of control in my chest from the run and I just wasn't getting that. So the other night my best person and I ran 4.39miles and I came home and really could feel the effect. It kicked my ass in a good way. I just loved it and will be doing more of it this week.

It's getting pretty warm in my neck of the woods. June gloom is finally giving way to some nice sun and a lot of heat. I've pretty bad allergies. I get cranky when it's hot never mind sweating like a pig. When it's cold (from the a/c) I sneeze incessantly and my throat gets itchy. I'm weird I know. Anyway I digress thanks to the end of the June gloom beach days are beckoning. I love playing Frisbee in the water or on the sand and taking long walks on the pier and from one end to the other on the beach. Or simply lying on the sand reading a book, listening to music, talking and people watching :)

I've been drinking more water at least 1,000ml+ everyday. Last Wednesday my best person and I went to the local farmer's market for fresh veggiez and fruits. We didn't get so much veggiez as we did fruits. Which also brings me to that I've been consuming lots and lots of fresh yummy fruits. White peaches, cantaloupe, water melon, and nectarines. Yum yum yum

In other news I cannot do a sit up to save my life thanks to the lack of upper body strength due to the 40DDDs . But since the month (June) started I've been doing 100 sit ups almost everyday. The best person kneels behind me and gives me a push to get me on my way. When I first started I'd stop every 2 sit ups. However, I'm now doing all the way up to 50 before I stop. Pushing oneself is a wonderful thing. At first you think gracious goodness I cannot do this then you push a little more and realize yes I absolutely can. I can tell a huge huge difference with my stomach. We've this wedding to go to and I was wondering if this dress I had in mind would fit. And it fit perfectly and my stomach barely shows :) yes it's still there but it's smaller which is a huge milestone. Seeing changes is a huge motivator for me as you can probably already tell.

I'm very conscious about my arms :( I love my body but it's the one part of my body that I can't for the life of me wait to tone up. I cannot wait to comfortably wear all my sleeveless dresses and tops without boleros or the small sweaters. I'm getting there. So for the dress I'm wearing to the wedding, today I went to Lane Bryant and got a cute scarf to throw around my arms. I don't want to cover the back of the dress because that's the best thing about the dress. It's a floral dress. I'll take pics of the dress and scarf and post 'em on here sometime.

I'm still paranoid about sharing pictures and putting my face out there (here) lol but with time I'll learn to be ok with it and share more pics with the blog world :) I'll start by taking pics of my meals and the beach for example and the dress haha and you can let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and sharing in and along my journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's been a whiiile

I didn't fall off the wagon. It's just been crazy in my neck of the woods. Yea I've been running a little over my usual 5k/3miles. I've not been drinking as much water as I'd like but neither have I been drinking any soda/juices, thank goodness. My scale broke boooo so I've not weighed myself lately and no I didn't throw it out the window from frustration lol (Hi, Shan!)

Not much to say. Bleh. I didn't do my loaded oatmeal several days this past week but next week I will full on.

I hope everyone is doing far much better than I am.

Have a lovely weekend ya'll!!!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update/Week's Goals

I'd like to start by giving a shout out to my blog buddy, Shan over at themewithin . Please drop by her blog and read her encounters as she travels the weight loss road as we all are. She's an amazing woman who has passion for her family, life and career and is striving to become healthier and lose weight. So please if you read my blog stop by hers and say hello :) And ask you other readers at your blog too as well.

I don't how I did this weekend and as we all know that probably means I did not do that gooooood. On Saturday I skipped pancakes for breakfast and had an early lunch of plain chicken broth rice. For dinner, on the other hand, all hell broke lose because I got home and I was FAMISHED!!! My best person made me this Johnsonville sausages I've been eyeing for a while and they were ridiculously yum. I had 2 by myself gggrrrhh and then for dinner had a small portion of home made fries with spinach :)

On Sunday for breakfast, I had 2 slices of whole wheat toast w scrambled eggs. And for lunch dinner leftovers. For dinner I had a cheeseburger and for a midnight snack (bad idea!) a huuuge chocolate chip cookie.

During the weekend I also had countless cocktails. Shoot me! LOL I didn't go running on both Saturday & Sunday. However, I did not indulge me in as any sweets/seconds/snacks (besides the cookie tonight) but I think I made up for that in my cocktails *sigh*

This week I'd like to see some changes. Especially because I absolutely do great during the week and then the minute the weekend shows face it all goes downhill. I mean I still observe portion control but it's the things I eat ( ate precisely) this weekend because other weekends I'm within my set boundaries. Anyway I digress. Most importantly I'm taking my lessons from this weekend with me to next weekend. And I believe I'll do better. Mental Note: It's just not right to have 2 Johnsonville sausages (loaded with fat & sodium), canned corn beef (again loaded with tons of fat and sodium) and cheeseburger (AGAIN!!!loaded with all the bad stuff) all in one weekend. *SMH*

Another motivational change I've noticed. Even my rings fit better. Yessssss :) It's the small things that count!!!

This coming week I'd like to drink more water. I'll start off wit my 1000ml bottle a day :) I can do this because I know my whole life I've drunk tons of water to the point where I've surprised myself as well as others. I'm so going back to that me. Water. Water. Water. I'll flush out my system this week and open up my pores :) For breakfast it's going to be my usual loaded oatmeal, for lunch this week I'm considering tuna salad sandwich, seeing as I've a lot of albacore canned tuna and a can of olives. All I need is a few more ingredients and I will whip up some tuna salad. Anyone with a good tuna salad recipe? please share it with me on my comments section or shoot me an e-mail at overweightinsocal @ gmail (dot) com. Thank you much in advance! For dinner hmmmm just may be a small bowl of rice will some steamed mixed veggies (w a dash of salt, pepper and butter) I should have dinner figured out by tomorrow so I let you know then.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and wish everyone a great week full of healthy eating and drinking choices as well as working out :)

GO US!!!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Motivation

I did pretty good today. I went running and did my usual 5K :) and guess what? I did it in 20 minutes. I'm so excited and proud of myself.

Food-wise I missed breakfast but had a late lunch followed but a late dinner with my best person.

I was thinking today and since I started working out almost everyday I've noticed some motivational changes e.g.

-I don't use as much energy and strength to get up from the car seat or the couch. Yay!
-Since I've been doing portion control I fill up faster which helps prevent me from overeating :)
-I bring a glass of bedside water instead of cranberry juice and this is helping me drink more water
-Drinking more water=cutting out juice sugar. So I've also noticed when I drink my tea instead of my regular 3-4 teaspoons of sugar my body and taste glands are opting for a mere 2 teaspoons with a slice of lemon
-I don't feel sluggish or as tired anymore
-I actually look forward to my work out at the end of the day. I feel so alive after my run and once I break a sweat that I catch myself craving the feeling and awaiting the day to end so I can go for my run. And I can definitely tell the difference on the days I don't go. I just feel blah and so out of it
-Working out and eating as well as drinking right is therapeutic for my body. I've been under a lot of pressure and stress lately but working out and eating/drinking right has really helped with everything I'm going through
-It's exciting and so motivating to see my clothes hang lose on me or fit better. It makes me just want to go out for a run :) I know weird but true
-This whole thing has made me realize it's my life, it's my choices and though cliche it is what I make it. And I want it to be a healthy and fit lifestyle for me

There are so many reasons I couldn't possibly list them all. But I'm grateful I'm doing this and seeing the results is such a huge motivator for me. I cannot stop doing this. I'll fight to the end, so help me God!

And yes it is definitely taking God's grace, mercy and love for me to do this.

Tell me what motivates you to keep working out and eating/drinking right!?!
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guess who's back? lol ok I am :)

It was a long weekend of fun with my best person and friends. The party started on Friday night and went on all the way until very early Tuesday morning (read: Wednesday afternoon) I strived to make good healthy eating as well as drinking choices. I did indulge quite a bit on the drinking part seeing as I'm a wino only this time it was rum cocktails. Yum! But I drunk my water and didn't overeat anything. However, I did a little more than I'd eat on a regular day portion-wise.

I also didn't have my loaded oatmeal from Wednesday through Wednesday. I can't really recall what I had but on Saturday and Sunday I didn't have any breakfast. On Monday I had a pancake and 2 sausages for breakfast. Not so bad seeing as it was an "S" day for me making it one of the two days that I'm allowed to 'divert' from the week's healthy choices and indulge in a little more.

During the weekend I also made sure I had fruit (lotsa apples and bananas). An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Which reminds me so does a mango and speaking of mangoes I have one in the house which I will have before bed :)

On Tuesday my two friends and I had some sort of girls night out :) We started with a simple dinner at Coco's where I was tempted by the bread basket. I had two pieces of bread and instead of having soda I had ice water with lemon. YAY. And for dinner a 1/2lb flame broiled steak and substituted my onion rings, garlic bread and buttery mashed potatoes for plain boiled mixed veggiez and a small salad with no croutons with ranch dressing on the side. I dipped my fork in the ranch dressing and used it on my salad :) After dinner we headed to a comedy show in d'town and we indulged in a few long islands :) One of my girlfriends ended up staying the night because we don't drink and drive and this morning we woke up famished.

Our little minds convinced us to head out to IHOP for breakfast gggrrrhhh what can I say? sinful lol At IHOP I got the pancake combo but again substituted my hash browns, sausage links and bacon for fruit and had fruit with my 2 pancakes with water and a small glass of cranberry juice. That was a huge breakfast as opposed to my usual filling 1/2 a cup of oats loaded oatmeal. Therefore, I skipped lunch and only had a banana and apple later on in the afternoon. I had dinner at 530-ish when I got a little hungry, which helped me eat before 8pm :)

I left the house for my 5k/3miles run at 810pm-ish and got back home at 835pm :)

I hope everyone had a great long weekend :)
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