Monday, June 28, 2010

Where I stand

I've not been writing here often because the summer is here and I've been spending more time with my best person. Not to worry I've not fallen off the wagon yet. Thank goodness. I've been running more than my usual 5k. I guess the 5k did grow on me because I was breaking a sweat alright but I like that feeling when my heart thumps out of control in my chest from the run and I just wasn't getting that. So the other night my best person and I ran 4.39miles and I came home and really could feel the effect. It kicked my ass in a good way. I just loved it and will be doing more of it this week.

It's getting pretty warm in my neck of the woods. June gloom is finally giving way to some nice sun and a lot of heat. I've pretty bad allergies. I get cranky when it's hot never mind sweating like a pig. When it's cold (from the a/c) I sneeze incessantly and my throat gets itchy. I'm weird I know. Anyway I digress thanks to the end of the June gloom beach days are beckoning. I love playing Frisbee in the water or on the sand and taking long walks on the pier and from one end to the other on the beach. Or simply lying on the sand reading a book, listening to music, talking and people watching :)

I've been drinking more water at least 1,000ml+ everyday. Last Wednesday my best person and I went to the local farmer's market for fresh veggiez and fruits. We didn't get so much veggiez as we did fruits. Which also brings me to that I've been consuming lots and lots of fresh yummy fruits. White peaches, cantaloupe, water melon, and nectarines. Yum yum yum

In other news I cannot do a sit up to save my life thanks to the lack of upper body strength due to the 40DDDs . But since the month (June) started I've been doing 100 sit ups almost everyday. The best person kneels behind me and gives me a push to get me on my way. When I first started I'd stop every 2 sit ups. However, I'm now doing all the way up to 50 before I stop. Pushing oneself is a wonderful thing. At first you think gracious goodness I cannot do this then you push a little more and realize yes I absolutely can. I can tell a huge huge difference with my stomach. We've this wedding to go to and I was wondering if this dress I had in mind would fit. And it fit perfectly and my stomach barely shows :) yes it's still there but it's smaller which is a huge milestone. Seeing changes is a huge motivator for me as you can probably already tell.

I'm very conscious about my arms :( I love my body but it's the one part of my body that I can't for the life of me wait to tone up. I cannot wait to comfortably wear all my sleeveless dresses and tops without boleros or the small sweaters. I'm getting there. So for the dress I'm wearing to the wedding, today I went to Lane Bryant and got a cute scarf to throw around my arms. I don't want to cover the back of the dress because that's the best thing about the dress. It's a floral dress. I'll take pics of the dress and scarf and post 'em on here sometime.

I'm still paranoid about sharing pictures and putting my face out there (here) lol but with time I'll learn to be ok with it and share more pics with the blog world :) I'll start by taking pics of my meals and the beach for example and the dress haha and you can let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and sharing in and along my journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.


The Pink Lady said...

Congratulations on the dress! What a great feeling!! I feel the same about my arms. I'd kill to wear a sleeveless without another piece of clothing to cover it up. Enjoy what's left of June!!!

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