Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sod OFF DP!!!

In case you haven't a clue DP stands for Dorothy Perkins a UK based plus size store which U.S. shoppers have shopping access to via the internet. The first time I checked them out I was blown away. Quality apparel for great prices. What's not to like, huh!?! So I went ahead and scoped out their size chart and determined I was a size 16UK which is equivalent to 12US. I yo yo between a size 12 to 14. So I ordered a dress I needed for an all white party. Very cute ivory/champagne dress. Due to time constraints I opted for the express delivery which guaranteed delivery within 4 days tops and cost me a whooping $30 extra but what the heck I really liked the dress. 

My dilemma started when after 5 business days there was still no parcel at my doorstep. What made it worse was that I decided to read up reviews online (read; Google & FB) and almost all the reviews were horrendous. A LOT of people complaining that they had been waiting up to a month if not longer for their packages. To say the very least the reviews made DP sound like a downright sham. Suffice it to say I started fretting that I wouldn't receive my order on time if at all I received it and what a waste of moola that would be. I called their CS who offered very little help after waiting forever to get through to them. I decided to take a chill pill, after all, it was only a dress that was replaceable. I was just gonna learn my lesson and not order anything from them. Their loss not mine. What do you know the day before the white coat party my parcel arrives. The dress turned out to be a little tight in the tatas area (what else is new?) so I took it in to the best alteration shop and they fixed that problem and I was good to go the next day.

I really liked the quality of the dress and since I had another event coming up I decided this time I'd order way ahead of time and give them time to their late delivery shenanigans. Again I paid $30 for express delivery, you know just to be certain it'd really get here on time. Of course they were running behind. I got the dress today and the straw that broke this camel's back??? they sent me a size 22UK which is equivalent to a size 18US which makes that four sizes bigger. REALLY? I'm completely done with their service. I will never again order from them. I will not even return the items (I will gift them to a friend) or better still do a giveaway on this blog :) Anyway, I digress and you must truly pardon me for the rant.

On a lighter note, I worked out on Sunday did a kick ass stairs workout for 45 minutes. On Monday I went on a short uphill walk. Yesterday, I took a break. Today I went on another uphill power walk totaling 2.4 miles in 39 minutes all the while holding my 10lb dumbbells (5lbs in each hand). The boy suggested this to me and I gotta say I loooove it. I chugged water like it was going outta style today because it was in  the100s degree Fahrenheit in my neck of the woods. 

Have any of you shopped with DP and what are ye thoughts?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Especially because its already hump day meaning Friday is hastily beckoning. Yay!!!

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