Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Down But Not Out

Yesterday despite the sweltering SoCal summer heat I decided to go hiking and the boy was kind enough to accompany me. We set out to hike on one of my favorite local trails. I really like this trail because its not only 1.75miles (one way) of hiking through the most serene nature complete with little water streams but also at the end of the trail is a little divine waterfall. 

This trail also has a lot of trees which made it cool for a summer hike. The trail steeps out on you and you can really feel your inner thighs begging for mercy. But why else would we workout if we didn't feel the impact? Before yesterday I hadn't hiked for about a month so I could really feel it. I stopped a few times on our way up. When we got to the waterfall we could tell the summer heat had dried it some but the water was so cool to touch. And did I mention what a positive and peaceful vibe one gets sitting by the waterfall? 

We sat by the waterfall for a few minutes before we started our hike back down the trail. I always like to run back down and yesterday was no exception. I must have been high on endorphins because I forgot about the trail's loose gravel terrain I slid and sort of strained my right ankle and badly scrapped my left knee. Quite the double whammy I tell ya :(  But that did not stop me as soon as the boy was done cleaning and kissing my boo boo we were on our way. I hopped and ran and walked and jogged but never once stopped until we got back to the car. We iced my ankle when we got home and today I took a break from working out to give it sometime to recuperate. It already feels better and hopefully by the end of the week I will be doing my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred or back to running or even a walk at the very least.

How do ya'll deal with injuries?

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Gertie said...

Hiking is so much fun! I use to hike every weekend, but not as much ever since I started school. It has been a super dry year, so most of the cool waterfalls in socal are dried out.

I hope your ankle gets better.. that's never fun

MissHaneefa said...

Sounds beautiful. I am sorry that you got hurt. I am all about the ice.

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