Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Award/10 Things About Me

The lovely Alexia over at
my wicked, wicked ways was gracious enough to award me the above -fabulous sugar doll blogger award- above. Lexia's blog was the first blog I came across when I started my own weight loss blog. She's honest, funny, and witty all in one and simply awesome to say the least. Thanks, Lexia!!!

According to the guidelines of the award, I'm required to share 10 things you don't already know about me. So here goes;

  1. I love love love to read. I think my greatest wealth on earth is books. Now if only I could find as good a book club as Jane Austen's
  2. I love summer but the heat gets to me. I'm constantly in the need of an air conditioned car/room. I won't walk in the heat because I feel like dying, literally
  3. I prefer winter over summer. This is how I see it, in the winter I can layer up until I reach a desired body temp. then shed off the layers if I get too hot, whereas the summer, I could be nekkid and still sweating like a pig
  4. Today it's over 100F in my neck of the woods and I've drank close to 3, 000ml/3L of water
  5. In the past I've feared I may contract hyponatremia from the large amounts of water I consume
  6. I've never in life signed up for a gym membership but I am about to by the end of this month *fingers crossed*
  7. I'm a registered nurse (RN) so be nice to me because I just might be your nurse someday :) haha
  8. It's summer and I'm curbing all the junk food snacking by stocking my fridge up with fruits (mostly watermelon and mangoes) which reminds me I'm down to my last mango. Mental note: stop at the grocery store
  9. As a nurse I'm constantly surrounded by comfort food e.g. cookies, donuts, sees candies and a variety of other foods which are brought by other nurses or family in appreciation. I try my level best to stay clear of the break room and also by bringing a healthy snack (usually sliced fruit) to last me through my shift.
  10. I get off work and get home at about 8am and I'm dead beat which makes working out tough because I sleep all day and by the time I wake up I gotta get ready and its back to work again. A vicious cycle I tell ya! Thus taking me back to #6 why I want to sign up for the gym. That way I can wake up and go in the evenings before work or in the mornings after work depending on whar kind of night I had at work
I'll be back tomorrow with a list of the people I'll award/pass along this fabulous award to. Watch this space!!!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tis The Season For Fruits

Sorry I've not written lately. I don't have any excuses so I dare not make any. I did not run a day all week last week neither did I walk or do any form of exercise. Not good I know so this week I'm going to do better by getting out there. I know I said I'd put up some pictures last week but I still haven't but I promise to get around to that soon.

On a good note, I've been pigging out on fruits and chugging tons of water. I love summer because of all the fruits available. Watermelon (with a sprinkle of pico de gallo) yum!, cantalope, red plums, nectarines, mangoes and peaches. Today I went grocery shopping and they had a a great deal on mangoes. Each for $.78 so I bought several and a big ass watermelon for under $3. I had one mango tonight and it was just scrumptious, very juicy and filling.

On a bad note (lol) I've not been having breakfast. The world cup (WC) hasn't helped either because the staying up means sleeping in which means missing breakfast and having a super later lunch followed but an even late dinner. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so when I'm up at that time of the day I'll make sure to have some. In the meantime I'll keep eating plenty of fruit, chugging water, and running my tush OFF!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!
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