Friday, May 18, 2012

My Arms

I went on my run last night as well. I already mentioned I live on the beach so I find the work out very refreshing because of the evening breeze. I run along the beach but on the surface street. However, there are wooden steps/stair case that leads down to the beach or water. So I started this new thing two days ago. Where when I get to the dead of the surface street I go down the steps and run up the steps five times. And tell you what? the running and down the steps kicks my little behind. My thighs literally burn like they are on fire. But I love it :)

After going up and down the steps five times I run back along the beach and then go up a slightly steep street then run back down to the beach and back up to my house. This is the fourth time I have worked out this week. I plan on working out tonight and taking it easy over the weekend.  I'm so proud of myself and I pray I can keep this up.

So today I had to run a quick errand and on my way out the door I caught my reflection in the mirror. And my arms are the one part of my body I have always had a hard time accepting. To say the very least they bug me. I have always found it difficult to wear anything sleeveless. And when I do I throw on a pashmina or bolero. I bought 5lb dumb bells to help tone my arms. When I don't run I power walk and vigorously move my arms to help tone them up. I still love my arms but there are the one part of my body I cannot wait to see get 'healthy' LOL what part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my journey.

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MissHaneefa said...

I hate my arms too. I only wear sleeveless when I have to. Great job on the runs. I would give anything to run on the beach,,you are so lucky.

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