Monday, May 14, 2012

I am back

WOW I don't know where to start nor what to say. I stopped blogging but am back and will do my best to keep this going,

However, I'm proud to say I've been good with drinking my water, planning my meals and working out even if only on and off on the latter. I've seen a huge difference in planning my meals ahead as it has helped me not fall prey to impulse eating out. 

I work in the healthcare profession and everyday someone is assigned to do a food or/and a coffee run. And the problem? is the doctors are always buying. So its hard to pass up on free food. And the doctors feel bad if you pass up as its their little way of rewarding the team and saying thanks. The food runs as you'd figure are never healthy most of the time its the taco shop/Thai food place down the street or around the corner. Coffee runs yield to venti chai tea lattes with butter croissants. You get where I am going with this right? therefore this makes it super hard to not fall prey to bad habits. And of course there is always that person who stops by the donut shop by their house and brings in a box or two of assorted pastries. Not to mention the weekly pot lucks for a colleague's birthday. So as you can already tell its hard to stay on the wagon at work for me LOL

But I've learnt to have a bowl of loaded oatmeal for breakfast so my tummy is full when I get to work and its easier to turn all the temptations down. Also, when I do my grocery shopping I get a big bag of apples and have like three in my lunch bag, at least two cups of yoplait yogurt and kashi healthy bars. I brace myself with the healthy options and this goes a long way for me. If I stuff my face its going to be with three apples :) 

I'm not hiking very often or really doing any form of workout for that matter. For a while there I was really good. I even bought Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and was consistently doing it. I love the outdoors so hiking and running is what I like and try to do often.

I've been under the weather lately and that means staying indoors throwing pity parties. Which only makes it worse because who wants to throw a friggin' party and be the only one there? LOL so I decided to go out on walks/runs everyday. I live on the beach I have no excuse not to be out there. I just came back from a run and the evening breeze was literally a breath of fresh air. I could get addicted to this *fingers crossed* I'm watching my portions. I'm not self-depriving because goodness knows am a foodie but neither am I stuffing my face or inhaling food :) once in a while of course I do splurge but not too often.

I do NOT want to be SKINNY my goal is to be a size healthy. I'm naturally a curvy girl even at my smallest size my bust was still a 40DDD. I want to make lifetime changes instead of dieting to lose weight with no plan on how to keep it off only to end up re-gaining it. And I'm working on it one day at a time. I read somewhere sweat is fat crying. In that case I want to sweat my little behind to oblivion.

My biggest size is a 14 and my goal would be a size 10/12. So as I embark on this journey I am making realistic goals there are some days I will do better than other days but the point is to not give up because you can NEVER beat someone who does NOT give up.

OverWeight In SoCal

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