Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rock Your Body!!!

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend :)!

I took a break from working out on Friday and Saturday. 

However, today I was sitting home and realized it'd be the perfect time to go out for a run. So before I allowed myself to change my mind I go into my work out clothes, jumped in the car and hit the hiking trail. This trail is beautiful because it leads down to the beach. I made sure I parked my car as far as I could so I could walk a little extra. 

I started by walking then once I warmed up I ran down the trail all the way down to the beach. The trail was packed been a Sunday, a lot of people were out. But this did not stop me I run past them even if my breathing was slightly loud from the running. My earphones deep in my ears with the music blaring made it easier to ignore. I ran and ran and loved it. Sweat was dribbling down my face and down my back. My knees had started to hurt, my heart was thumping against my chest but still I ran. I ran like there was no tomorrow. As I neared the water and the breeze hit my face there was no better feeling. When the trail ended I stretched and took in the scenic view before starting back up on the trail to my car.

The trail back up is a little tough because it is steep. My stomach muscles hurt from running and I felt like I was gonna toss my guts even if my tummy was empty. My mouth was dry and I wanted to stop. But I kept pushing myself. I kept going. It feels really good when on my back up the trail I run into people I passed while running down the trail. People always smile or wave knowingly and it is so encouraging. 

On my drive back home I was craving ice cream. It took everything in me not to stop at Baskin Robbins by my house. I'm aware I can have ice cream but in moderation but since I had some yesterday there is no way I was going to have some again today. Instead I got home had a long cold shower and a big bowl of watermelon. So refreshing and delish after a long run.

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead.

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