Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guess who's back? lol ok I am :)

It was a long weekend of fun with my best person and friends. The party started on Friday night and went on all the way until very early Tuesday morning (read: Wednesday afternoon) I strived to make good healthy eating as well as drinking choices. I did indulge quite a bit on the drinking part seeing as I'm a wino only this time it was rum cocktails. Yum! But I drunk my water and didn't overeat anything. However, I did a little more than I'd eat on a regular day portion-wise.

I also didn't have my loaded oatmeal from Wednesday through Wednesday. I can't really recall what I had but on Saturday and Sunday I didn't have any breakfast. On Monday I had a pancake and 2 sausages for breakfast. Not so bad seeing as it was an "S" day for me making it one of the two days that I'm allowed to 'divert' from the week's healthy choices and indulge in a little more.

During the weekend I also made sure I had fruit (lotsa apples and bananas). An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Which reminds me so does a mango and speaking of mangoes I have one in the house which I will have before bed :)

On Tuesday my two friends and I had some sort of girls night out :) We started with a simple dinner at Coco's where I was tempted by the bread basket. I had two pieces of bread and instead of having soda I had ice water with lemon. YAY. And for dinner a 1/2lb flame broiled steak and substituted my onion rings, garlic bread and buttery mashed potatoes for plain boiled mixed veggiez and a small salad with no croutons with ranch dressing on the side. I dipped my fork in the ranch dressing and used it on my salad :) After dinner we headed to a comedy show in d'town and we indulged in a few long islands :) One of my girlfriends ended up staying the night because we don't drink and drive and this morning we woke up famished.

Our little minds convinced us to head out to IHOP for breakfast gggrrrhhh what can I say? sinful lol At IHOP I got the pancake combo but again substituted my hash browns, sausage links and bacon for fruit and had fruit with my 2 pancakes with water and a small glass of cranberry juice. That was a huge breakfast as opposed to my usual filling 1/2 a cup of oats loaded oatmeal. Therefore, I skipped lunch and only had a banana and apple later on in the afternoon. I had dinner at 530-ish when I got a little hungry, which helped me eat before 8pm :)

I left the house for my 5k/3miles run at 810pm-ish and got back home at 835pm :)

I hope everyone had a great long weekend :)


The Pink Lady said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! You did really awesome on the food choices. I know it's so hard on a holiday weekend but you have to indulge every once in a while otherwise it gets too boring! =) Enjoy the rest of your week!

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