Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update/Week's Goals

I'd like to start by giving a shout out to my blog buddy, Shan over at themewithin . Please drop by her blog and read her encounters as she travels the weight loss road as we all are. She's an amazing woman who has passion for her family, life and career and is striving to become healthier and lose weight. So please if you read my blog stop by hers and say hello :) And ask you other readers at your blog too as well.

I don't how I did this weekend and as we all know that probably means I did not do that gooooood. On Saturday I skipped pancakes for breakfast and had an early lunch of plain chicken broth rice. For dinner, on the other hand, all hell broke lose because I got home and I was FAMISHED!!! My best person made me this Johnsonville sausages I've been eyeing for a while and they were ridiculously yum. I had 2 by myself gggrrrhh and then for dinner had a small portion of home made fries with spinach :)

On Sunday for breakfast, I had 2 slices of whole wheat toast w scrambled eggs. And for lunch dinner leftovers. For dinner I had a cheeseburger and for a midnight snack (bad idea!) a huuuge chocolate chip cookie.

During the weekend I also had countless cocktails. Shoot me! LOL I didn't go running on both Saturday & Sunday. However, I did not indulge me in as any sweets/seconds/snacks (besides the cookie tonight) but I think I made up for that in my cocktails *sigh*

This week I'd like to see some changes. Especially because I absolutely do great during the week and then the minute the weekend shows face it all goes downhill. I mean I still observe portion control but it's the things I eat ( ate precisely) this weekend because other weekends I'm within my set boundaries. Anyway I digress. Most importantly I'm taking my lessons from this weekend with me to next weekend. And I believe I'll do better. Mental Note: It's just not right to have 2 Johnsonville sausages (loaded with fat & sodium), canned corn beef (again loaded with tons of fat and sodium) and cheeseburger (AGAIN!!!loaded with all the bad stuff) all in one weekend. *SMH*

Another motivational change I've noticed. Even my rings fit better. Yessssss :) It's the small things that count!!!

This coming week I'd like to drink more water. I'll start off wit my 1000ml bottle a day :) I can do this because I know my whole life I've drunk tons of water to the point where I've surprised myself as well as others. I'm so going back to that me. Water. Water. Water. I'll flush out my system this week and open up my pores :) For breakfast it's going to be my usual loaded oatmeal, for lunch this week I'm considering tuna salad sandwich, seeing as I've a lot of albacore canned tuna and a can of olives. All I need is a few more ingredients and I will whip up some tuna salad. Anyone with a good tuna salad recipe? please share it with me on my comments section or shoot me an e-mail at overweightinsocal @ gmail (dot) com. Thank you much in advance! For dinner hmmmm just may be a small bowl of rice will some steamed mixed veggies (w a dash of salt, pepper and butter) I should have dinner figured out by tomorrow so I let you know then.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and wish everyone a great week full of healthy eating and drinking choices as well as working out :)

GO US!!!


The Me Within said...

What is up SoCal Pal! Guess what I finally did it! I posted.Our Blog Buddy endevours have begun.

I have to tell you I am so encouraged about you and what I am reading. You seem like such a great person and I know you will have no problems losing that weight. Hey Thank you for being my blog buddy. You are awesome. If the link did not post into your blog just visit themewithin (dot) com. GO US!!

The Me Within said...

By the way don't feel so bad about the cookie I had an ice cream last night!

The Me Within said...

Hey Lady just watchin for your weigh in post ;- ) Hope everything is ok!

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