Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Motivation

I did pretty good today. I went running and did my usual 5K :) and guess what? I did it in 20 minutes. I'm so excited and proud of myself.

Food-wise I missed breakfast but had a late lunch followed but a late dinner with my best person.

I was thinking today and since I started working out almost everyday I've noticed some motivational changes e.g.

-I don't use as much energy and strength to get up from the car seat or the couch. Yay!
-Since I've been doing portion control I fill up faster which helps prevent me from overeating :)
-I bring a glass of bedside water instead of cranberry juice and this is helping me drink more water
-Drinking more water=cutting out juice sugar. So I've also noticed when I drink my tea instead of my regular 3-4 teaspoons of sugar my body and taste glands are opting for a mere 2 teaspoons with a slice of lemon
-I don't feel sluggish or as tired anymore
-I actually look forward to my work out at the end of the day. I feel so alive after my run and once I break a sweat that I catch myself craving the feeling and awaiting the day to end so I can go for my run. And I can definitely tell the difference on the days I don't go. I just feel blah and so out of it
-Working out and eating as well as drinking right is therapeutic for my body. I've been under a lot of pressure and stress lately but working out and eating/drinking right has really helped with everything I'm going through
-It's exciting and so motivating to see my clothes hang lose on me or fit better. It makes me just want to go out for a run :) I know weird but true
-This whole thing has made me realize it's my life, it's my choices and though cliche it is what I make it. And I want it to be a healthy and fit lifestyle for me

There are so many reasons I couldn't possibly list them all. But I'm grateful I'm doing this and seeing the results is such a huge motivator for me. I cannot stop doing this. I'll fight to the end, so help me God!

And yes it is definitely taking God's grace, mercy and love for me to do this.

Tell me what motivates you to keep working out and eating/drinking right!?!


The Me Within said...

YOU GO GIRL! WOW you did a 5 K. I need to do a 1/2 K. LOL just kidding. I am so excited for you this is a big event. Congrats!!!

The Pink Lady said...

Congrats on the 5k!! I reading about your motivation and I'm so happy that you are seeing changes that you love - I bet it's so satisfying that your hard work is paying off!!
I know for me I feel better when I work out and I feel so accomplished. Feeling physically better after feeling horrible for months was probably my best motivation. I feel less stressed out. It's amazing how stress can effect everything!
Have a great weekend and keep up the great work!!

Ana said...

20 minutes is AMAZING! WTG!

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