Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tis The Season For Fruits

Sorry I've not written lately. I don't have any excuses so I dare not make any. I did not run a day all week last week neither did I walk or do any form of exercise. Not good I know so this week I'm going to do better by getting out there. I know I said I'd put up some pictures last week but I still haven't but I promise to get around to that soon.

On a good note, I've been pigging out on fruits and chugging tons of water. I love summer because of all the fruits available. Watermelon (with a sprinkle of pico de gallo) yum!, cantalope, red plums, nectarines, mangoes and peaches. Today I went grocery shopping and they had a a great deal on mangoes. Each for $.78 so I bought several and a big ass watermelon for under $3. I had one mango tonight and it was just scrumptious, very juicy and filling.

On a bad note (lol) I've not been having breakfast. The world cup (WC) hasn't helped either because the staying up means sleeping in which means missing breakfast and having a super later lunch followed but an even late dinner. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so when I'm up at that time of the day I'll make sure to have some. In the meantime I'll keep eating plenty of fruit, chugging water, and running my tush OFF!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!


Fat Girl vs. World said...

I'm with you on the fruits -- I buried my face in a watermelon for breakfast this morning. Noms.

Alexia said...

recording a video of how to eat a mango for my blog. ha! i'm about to post it! watermelon with pico de gallo? really? hmmm...must try.

Alexia said...

left you an award on my blog!

The Me Within said...

My SoCal Buddy!
I miss talking to you. I agree I love this time of the year with all the fruit and veggies. I hope your doing well. I am here working it with you girl.

Miss you!
The Me Within

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