Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Fall Hike

Greetings from Socal,  hoping everyone had a lovely week and ya'll are having a great weekend :)

I had a good week. I did the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Level 3 everyday but decided to break the monotony on Friday by going on a hike. SoCal is finally starting to cool down, thank goodness, the heat was starting to get old pretty fast. I woke up bright and early and hit my fave trail. It's 2 1/4 miles one way totaling 4.5 miles in an hour. And the trail ends at a beautiful waterfall which is a plus. It was very refreshing and rejuvenating to be outdoors hiking after mostly indoor workouts all summer long. I'm looking forward to more frequent hikes as Fall fully kicks in!!!

I've been super bloated lately and so has the S.O. So I switched things up a little this week, for breakfast I had my unloaded oatmeal version with almond vanilla milk and brown sugar. Lunch, was my biggest meal of the day which consisted of Tilapia and steamed cabbage over a bed of white basmati rice. For dinner I opted to do a big bowl of fruit salad consisting of green grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, pineapple and avocado. I found the fruit to be very light (as the last meal of the day) yet very filling. It also doubled as dessert :) I think I will continue to do the fruit bowl for dinner this coming week until we can figure out this whole bloating business.

I'm thrilled to report my water chugging has remarkably improved. All I catch myself drinking is water and more water. And of course my cuppa teas :) I'm totally English ya'll HAHA

This week's achievement? I can NOW do a push up!!! Very exciting news for me. Rewarding baby steps is all its about :)

OverWeight In Sunny SoCal


MissHaneefa said...

Love the new lay out. Congratulations on your push up accomplishments!

Overweight in SoCal said...

@MissHaneefa Thank you for stopping by :) yes am pretty excited about the push ups :)

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