Monday, May 24, 2010


During one of my hiking days last week, while running down the mountain, my right foot hit a rock and sprained (minor sprain). Still, it hurt to walk and when I sat down or lay down it'd go to sleep and when I'd get up to walk it would just 'collapse' under me. Bummed as I was I gave up running for the week and iced it everyday. I made sure I made extra good and healthy choices in my eating and drinking seeing as I could not work out.

It's that TOM of the month for me and despite my foot been back in business I didn't feel like going running tonight. But my best person motivated me and soon enough I was in my running gear and hitting the 3 miles around my neighborhood pretty hard :) I got back home, panting like a horse but having broken a sweat, hit the shower and now as I type this I know getting my run in tonight was the best thing I did :)

I'm struggling with eating before 8pm to avoid going to bed on a full stomach. The sun doesn't set until well after 7:30pm and that's usually the time I get out and go running. And by the time I get back and hit the shower it's around 910pm-ish and that's when I start thinking of what to have for dinner. Therefore, my week's goal is to eat before or by 8pm. By the end of the week I'll let you know how I'm doing.

All the best to everyone out there working out and making healthy eating/drinking choices!!!


The Pink Lady said...

Eating earlier was hard for my husband and I too (still is sometimes!). I prefer the evening and love to eat a little later. Keep up the awesome work though! Eventually you'll get the hang of it. Glad to hear your foot is better!

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