Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Battling my weight

I'm currently overweight, but not new to the blogging world. I'm giving it my all to lose weight and think by starting this blog I can journal my ups & downs in the weight loss journey. I'm committed to losing weight the healthy way. No pills, no shortcuts, just the very basic and standard, making healthy eating choices and working out.

I started the "No S" last week. No sugars, no snacks, and no seconds (with an exception of days that start with an S (Satudays & Sundays) and on special occasions.

I'll not kid you or me, I love to eat and don't believe in self-deprivation. At the same time I've realized that as long as I make healthy choices and do portion control e.g. instead of having a whole bar of chocolate everyday I could have a 1/4 bar or none. For breakfast instead of eggs, toast/pancakes and sausages everyday I've started having loaded oatmeal. I went to my neighborhood Sprout's and got fresh dried raisins and cranberries, vanilla extract, freshly ground cinnamon and brown sugar to add to my 100% whole grain oats.

In the time that I've been doing this I've drastically gone from a size 14 to a 12. Seeing such a change is such a great motivation for me. It makes me want to get out there every evening and go running and continue to make healthy eating choices

I've also been ensuring 3/4 of my plate during food servings is veggies. This is hard to do but practice makes perfect :)

Please welcome aboard as I run myself, power walk, eat, and drink myself to a more healthy weight and 45lbs less.


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