Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm a work in progress

I went running today. Mostly running and some power-walking as well. I did good on my healthy eating and drinking choices. I had loaded oatmeal for breakfast, a balsamic chicken salad for lunch, and yogurt w fruit for dinner. I also had 5 glasses of water :) and a cup of green tea w honey.

Some nights and/or days are harder than others. Tonight was tough because I love to have a bar of chocolate every now and then. But since last week I'm doing the "No S" which means I'm not having snacks, sweets or seconds w an exception of days that start with "S" and/or on special occasions. But in my freezer (yes freezer, I love my chocolate cold) sits a whole box of dairy milk chocolate from my mom :) which makes it even more special. But I can't have any of it all week may be on Saturday or Sunday and I can only have one bar on both days (half a bar for each "S" day). This is definitely teaching me the art of savoring. Less is more. Eating just enough makes it so much better and makes me want it the next time I can have it. As opposed to having 3 bars a day and just pigging out on the whole box in a week.

I know this is cultivating in me, not just self discipline but self-control and patience as well and I'm taking it as it comes. I'm a work in progress and realize now than ever pressure makes diamonds. Therefore, for me to lose 45lbs, it won't be a walk in the park, I will work for it, eat right, drink right, make healthy choices and work out. Nothing comes easy.

One day at a time is my motto. It's the same mantra I use when running..just one more step...just around the corner..and I know I'm getting there one day at a step at a healthy eating and drinking choice at a time.

For lent this year I gave up all meat (fish, beef, chicken etc) and alcohol. And if for 40 days I went without meat, cocktails and wine (given that I'm the true definition of a wino) then I can and will make healthy choices for the rest of my life and live a healthy conscious life.


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