Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Day

I kinda woke up late this morning and had to drive a friend to a doctor's appointment so I rushed out of the house, skipping breakfast and only having half a cuppa green tea. The appointment took longer than expected and afterwards we had to drop the prescription and wait to pick it up. All that running around and waiting made us hungry so we walked down to a Starbucks and so for breakfast/lunch/brunch I had a butter croissant w a grande iced chai tea latte.

I got home at 2pm-ish and around 3pm had a cup of noodles. I left the house to go running at 5pm and put in 6miles in 1hr 12min pretty good I think :) For dinner I had my best egg sandwich and every bite was yum:)

I'm contemplating doing a list on why I need and want to lose weight :) will have to wait and see how that goes


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