Friday, May 14, 2010

Cheer Me Up?

Today I just feel crappy, exhausted, overwhelmed. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep my 'troubles' away *sigh* :(

Yesterday? I didn't go running because I had a bad day that started the previous night running pretty late into the early dawn causing me to sleep in until late afternoon. I couldn't leave the house @5pm to go running like I usually do because I missed the UPS guy the previous day and the infonotice said he'd be coming back yesterday between 2-5pm. Not only did I wait an extra hour until 6pm but he showed up at 620pm after I left the house @6pm :( FML. I just called UPS and it looks like I'm going to miss them again today :( because they will attempt the 3rd delivery at 3pm gggrrrhhh *sitting on my hands to not pull my hair out* lol jk

I did pretty good yesterday besides not running I only had an egg sandwich for dinner, second night in a row but damn this egg sandwich is the best :) Oh last night I also had some rum drink. I needed a drink yesterday considering I started two antibiotics today therefore no drinking for me in 7-10days and trust me I could really use a drink this weekend. I skipped breakfast this morning because I was meeting a girlfriend for a breakfast date then we ended up running errands and catching up all morning which made us miss breakfast. We did have lunch at 1130-ish. She made us ham sandwiches w 2 slices of organic ham, on 2 slices of whole wheat. She put hummus on one slice and mayo on the other w lettuce and tomato. It was yum!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww, hang in there! I admire you for running, I dream about the day that I can run for more than five minutes time hahah. UPS is always lame. Have a good weekend!!

Ana said...

How far do you run? I can't wait to start running again.
Tell me how you make your egg sandwich! I love a good egg sandwich :)

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