Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Cheating

On Wednesday night one of my girlfriends invited me for a work out. I was having one those days where you just know if you don't get your tush off the couch you won't get anything done. It was my day off and I was dragging. I agreed to meet her @730pm and we went on a 3.3 mile loop walk. It was more of a catch up work out. 

As I was driving home  it just didn't feel like I had worked out. I mean I hadn't even broken a sweat or revved up my heart rate. But at the back of my mind I was patting my back for getting up and going for that walk regardless. In my heart though I just knew that I couldn't count that as a workout. I guess I was missing the kick in the butt I get from Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. Ha! So as soon as I got home I knew what I had to do. I popped in the DVD and gladly took an ass whopping LOL

I'm still working out 5-6x a week. It's not easy but no one said it'd be. I'm striving to make healthy eating choices and do good portion control. No deprivation though. Chugging anywhere from 2-4L of hot lemon water a day. And when I want something else I have green tea with a teaspoon of honey.

The boy got me new dumb bells last night. Yay!!! I upgraded from 5lbs to 8lbs. I'm excited for the endurance and strength that am building from working out consistently. Just taking it a day at a time.

Hope you're all hanging in there!!!

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EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

Whew, I'm sore just reading about your workout :) Great job girlie! I bet your muscles are gonna be killer with your new weights

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