Monday, July 30, 2012

The soreness of my dear calves

So I'm still pushing myself as far as Jillian Michaels 30 day shred goes. I strive to do it at least 3x a week if not everyday. And I'm getting better because when I first started I had to stop a few times mid workout. And not just for the recommended 5 seconds naaah more like 45 seconds here and there. So now that I hardly stop anymore and applaud myself for getting better I wake up one morning and my calves were so sore I had a hard time walking right. 

I decided to still do it that night and I was struggling through it but I finished it. I thought may be if I kept doing it the soreness would subside but what do you know it actually got worse. The next morning I had to brace myself to actually get out of bed. I decided to look up calf stretches online and found some pretty good ones. I did the calf stretches and felt much better but I was still sore.

I really like doing the Jillian Michaels workout dvd because I truly feel the impact in all the right places. My main goals are to tone up my stomach area and arms which equals upper body strength for me. And when I do this workout it really impacts the aforementioned areas. So what to do, right!?! I decided starting this week I will alternate between the DVD workout and evening runs. Tonight I went out on a run with the boy. It was so refreshing and guess what? my calves don't feel sore at all. So I figure my idea to alternate can't be too bad.

I will keep you posted. Do your calves ever get overly sore? if yes, what stretches work for you? Please do share. Thank you much.

A good week to all

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MissHaneefa said...

Seems like you are really giving it your all. Jillian can be a beast, but it looks like you are tackling her well. As for the calf soreness, you can cross one leg in front of the other and bend at the waist. I really like that stretch. I also like to take a bath in about 2 cups of Epsom salts to help with soreness, it really works.

Good Luck!

Moya2bean said...

Ooo my, I know that soreness feeling.
Love you pushing yourself, your an inspiration.
New follower for sure!
Great blog

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